21 days, for frocks' sake

 21 Days:  John Otway live in Lyme Regis (video credit: Stephen Greenslade)

Just 21 days (but it's actually only 19 as we write). That's how long 88 year old Alex Graham has to save 7500 costumes from the Oxfordshire Drama Wardrobe of which she is curator.

A registered charity, the OFW is facing eviction from its present base on 27th September and is desperately seeking alternative hangar /  warehouse  space, or even a wind and watertight barn, to save the unique collection.

An appeal via the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform - For Frocks' Sake: Save Oxfordshire Drama Wardrobe - has been launched to raise the £7000 needed to avert the imminent accommodation crisis, but additional support in cash or kind is desperately needed to ensure the future of the collection.

There is no time to waste, so here is Alex's story in her own words. Please share it widely, most especially with any Oxfordshire barn owners!

For Frocks' Sake: Save Oxfordshire Drama Wardrobe from TreePress on Vimeo.