Condition & Rating


The Frockery offers only good quality items for sale, but pre-owned garments and accessories, especially vintage and retro items, are rarely found to be in perfect or mint condition and may well have been stored for long periods.

Where possible, we include details of garment care in our descriptions, but customers should note that our pricing reflects the fact that we do not routinely launder or clean items prior to dispatch.

In order to accurately represent the condition of our items, which will mostly have been pre-worn, The Frockery uses the following standard definitions:

Perfect or Mint - extremely rare category which is self explanatory.

Excellent - no noticeable flaws or marks.

Very Good - immediately wearable may have one or two minor flaws, either hardly noticeable or easily repairable.

Good – wearable, some attention to minor flaws and/or cleaning required.

Fair - numerous flaws, possibly wearable after repair and/or cleaning.

As Found - damaged beyond repair, but possibly of interest to collectors or students.


Vintage and Retro Rating

Many items sold by The Frockery are described as vintage, vintage-inspired or retro. Since there is no general consensus as to what constitutes ‘vintage’ or ‘retro’, we would advise our customers that we classify retro items as being from the late 1970s to the late 1980s and vintage items as pre-dating that period.