70s vintage frockery discount

Alison 70s

The chief frocker revisits the 70s in a Susan Small dress with amazing sleeves

Northern Soul the film, which we blogged about recently, has led to a surge of interest in 70s fashion. Abigail's Party has meanwhile stood the test of time and there is always demand for Beverly style hostess dresses and kipper ties!

Being big fans of the era ourselves - having lived through it shamelessly  in brown and orange wallpaper prints,  Afghan coats, Levi's flares, loon jeans, love beads, long skirts and Laura Ashley - we thought it was time to run a special offer to celebrate the 70s.

We are currently offering 15% off all items in our 70s vintage department, so why not add some Northern Soul or Abigail's Party style to your wardrobe? Please use code ABIGAIL -15 at the checkout to take advantage of this offer which ends 19/11/14.