A happy new year for Harris Tweed

It was heartening to see this report on ITV yesterday about a major comeback for Harris Tweed after a shaky few years for the industry which had equally dire implications for the local islands economy.

While Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen had certainly succeeded in raising the profile of  handwoven Harris Tweed over the years, their pieces were far beyond the budgets of most of us ordinary folk and the future looked bleak for the Hebridean classic until the recent welcome surge in popularity throughout the UK and overseas.

Perhaps folk are finally turning their backs on fast fashion in favour of quality pieces and beginning to value longevity above landfill? We can but hope since such a shift would greatly benefit small independent businesses and local economies.

We have admittedly always been fans of traditional Harris Tweed, probably because of our rural roots, and had one friend back in the 80s whose 76-strong collection of Harris Tweed jackets was eventually cited in his divorce papers (although there were other issues!)

Only genuine Harris Tweed items are entitled to carry the orb trademark pictured below. Visit the Harris Tweed Authority website to learn more about its fascinating history.

harris tweed orb trademark

The Frockery usually has one or two preloved Harris Tweed items in stock, including jackets, coats, bags and hats (although the last of the latter went off to Japan just before Christmas) and we can certainly attest to its rising popularity along with other country style tweeds.

The latest Harris Tweed item to be listed in our catalogue is this lovely heather coloured swing jacket with an oversized velvet shawl collar - just perfect for these chilly days ahead. (Sorry this one is now sold!) 

harris tweed swing jacket with velvet collar

We also have these three men's vintage Harris tweed jackets in stock. 

mens vintage harris tweed jacket

blue harris tweed 70s jacket

dunn and co harris tweed vintage jacket

In addition to the above pieces, we also have for sale a couple of upcycled Harris Tweed gilet waistcoats by Scottish designer Taisir Gibreel from her final clothing collection as she now focuses exclusively, and highly successfully, on scarves. Please contact us for details and we'll post some images as soon as they are available.