Arthur's day out (or Beauty v the Beast)

We had a marvellous time at the St Andrews Very Vintage Fashion Fair and met some lovely customers and fellow traders. The organisers, Ivory Tower Events, deserve a big round of applause for the effort they put into making the day such a resounding success.

Here is our own Arthur Frocker all set for his day out. He really turned heads, especially when he lost his own as we negotiated a Dundee roundabout!

Arthur Frocker

We even took a short bit of video footage with him mannequining our stall.

In addition to Arthur (who, let's face it, is no oil painting), there was fortunately also a beauty on the team in the form of the gorgeous Siobhan who modelled some of our clothes after being transformed into a glam madame by Sandra Cormack and styled by the lovely Anna. While strutting her stuff as a 50s bombshell, she managed to tempt one customer into buying our flocked circle skirt straight from her body!

We are hoping Sandra has some more photographs we can post on our blog of Siobhan modelling the various looks, including a 60s Jackie Kennedy cocktail dress and a fabulous mint green evening gown which has already found itself a new owner. We are also hoping that we can work together in the future on vintage model photo shoots as motionless mannequins just lack that certain je ne sais quoi  (sorry, Arthur!)