Boho is back!

Chief frocker,  true boho original (late 1970s)

Although the chief frocker still owns the scarf in the above pic, the alpaca jumper didn't manage to stand the pace or heat (of the washing machine) and the poodle perm didn't survive past the early 80s. This look would have been complemented by her prized Afghan maxi coat - purchased with her first Edinburgh law student grant in 1974 -  had it not been stolen from an all-night party in Stirling in 1977.

Forty years later, boho is back, hooray! Not that it ever really went away, but has just received official re-approval by the fashion police (as seen on GMTV) who had models strutting their stuff this morning in hippy dresses (we have them!), bell sleeves (we have them too!), embroidered apparel (yes, that too!), 'pyjama' trousers (here and here!)  and ethnic jewellery (yep, you guessed it!).

So boho lovers old and new may like to browse our well stocked boho festival virtual rails for a comprehensive selection of hip-chic frockery, but meanwhile here are some of our own favourites.


Boho ethnic embellished top and cropped trousers 

70s style boho prairie white tiered skirt

70s vintage boho floral print maxi dress

Aqua embroidered jacket

Monsoon red boho tie front waistcoat

Turquoise and silver beaded tribal necklace

Boho festival tie dye dress