Cape crusaders

Here at The Frockery we are big fans of the cape – long or short, plain or plaid, tweed, mohair, whatever – and are pleased to see it being resurrected this season by a new generation of fashionistas who have rediscovered its appeal as a stylish, versatile, practical and fun garment.

Frocker-in-chief Alison’s predilection for cape wearing was first captured on camera at a wedding in the late 60s where she modelled a browny green tweed number her mother had made, complete with brass lion and chain fastenings, over a somewhat sickly yellow shift dress.  Later in her teens,  she would wear and wear (to fraying point) a long hooded cloak over the maxi and midi dresses that were in vogue at the time, before going on to experiment with an avant-garde creation cleverly crafted from a couple of camel blankets. She was already a confirmed caperer.

Alison also recalls that, back in the winter of 1974, Laura Ashley was selling a full length, hooded, heavy black velvet cape, which was truly stunning and featured high on the wish list of many of her student friends for whom Afghan coats had begun to lose their appeal (mainly on grounds of smell). Only one of the impecunious group could afford to buy the said cape and, for some unfathomable reason, chose to team it with a stripy Edinburgh University law faculty scarf, which was not a great combo even in the fashion faux pas forgiving 70s. To this day, the friend wishes she’d ditched the scarf and kept the cape!

Fast forward to 2010 and Alison remains a committed cape crusader who endeavours to keep a selection of capes and cloaks in stock at The Frockery.

If you favour an easy wear, casual style, take a look at this  natural coloured acrylic wool mix cape by Amari with fringing detail, ribbed collar and toggle fastening at the neck.

natural cape

To make more of a statement, and to keep warm this winter, try this longer length black and tan check wool cape with arm slits and button fastenings.

plaid wool cape

If mohair is more your thing, we have two short and cute vintage beauties, one in rose pink by Andrew Stewart and the other in fuchsia, purple and navy plaid from the Scotch House.

rose pink cape

fuchsia plaid cape

Also for the vintage lovers, this blue wool three piece incorporates another of the season’s trends, the kilt  (complete with metal kilt pin), along with matching sleeveless jacket and cute capelet. Very Miss Marple!

blue wool cape suit

We recently sold this lovely 60s tweed cape with faux fur trimmed  hood,

60s tweed cape

but we have just taken delivery of a vintage black wool nurse’s cape with bright red lining and crossover straps. Perfect for re-enactment and themed events, but warm and wearable whatever the occasion.

If the cape fits - and it will, whatever your size - wear it with pride and panache!