Dressember 2012, week 1

The chief frocker thought she'd have a go at Dressember this year, but will be cheating by wearing skirts as well as dresses for the whole month. Can she do it? Tune in to Frockery Talk daily and follow her progress (or otherwise) until Hogmanay.

1st December 

It started with a skirt...  Deep purple longer length riding skirt with ultra-forgiving elasticated wasitband, to be precise (from Next Directory, winter 1988, bought in anticipation of giving birth to Danny Frocker in Feb '89 and has been worn as a winter staple ever since ). Teamed with a black wool polo neck jumper from M&S accessorised with a purple paisley fringed shawl and 80s black statement belt. It's freezing here, by the way!

dressember 1st frockery

 2nd December

Today we were supposed to be taking part in the vintage event at McManus Galleries in Dundee with our friends at RARA and the Prettty Vacant Showrooms. However, some sad circumstances and a minor, but debilitating, injury to Johnny Frocker conspired against us and we are needed elsewhere. It's still very cold here, so thick tights and boots are de rigueur for our determined Dressemberista. We are also in sombre mood, so the chief frocker's choice for Day 2 is a Zara grey dress with a little bit of pleating, accessorised with a delicate chain belt and 70s pendant.

dressember 02

 3rd December

Dressember Day 3’s offering is an easy wear, ultra comfortable and surprisingly warm vintage teal print wool dress with pussy bow, worn with boots (again!) because it has been snowing here today.

dressember day 3 frockery

4th December

Day 4 already! Monochrome dogtooth check stretch skirt, originally from M&S, teamed with a black wool twin set, Scottie dog brooch and chunky necklace. Worn with boots (again!) as it has been snowing.

dressember frockery day 4

 5th December

For Day 5, it's a French Connection (via charity shop) LBD, accessorised with a leather Diesel belt, round pendant necklace and charm bracelet. Worn with charcoal diamond pattern tights and black calf length lace up boots.

dressember day 5 frockery

6th December

We're heading up the A90 towards Aberdeen today where it's even colder than here. The car contains the obligatory shovel and extra blankets just in case! For Dressember Day 6 we have opted for a vintage black leather skirt teamed with a feline print wool jumper and black leather gilet, accessorised with a black and silver metallic belt. Worn with burnt orange tights, black biker boots and satchel.  We do own shoes, honestly!

dressember day 6 frockery

[UPDATE: Well that was an adventure! The chief frocker is feeling mighty grateful to have been dug out of a snowbound car park in Laurencekirk this afternoon by the lovely ladies from Pamper Zone Boutique and an obliging man with grit who happened to be passing. She does not plan on venturing north of Brechin again until spring.]

7th December

One week of Dressember done and dusted and for Day 7, we have chosen a (several years old) Phase Eight grey and rose print dress with (even older) black wrapover cardigan, grey tights and Jigsaw green suede shoes (we told you we had shoes!)

dressember day 7 frockery

Week 2 outfits are blogged here.