Dressember 2012, week 2

We've now entered week 2 of Dressember 2012 (see week 1 outfits here) and it has been fun so far. Far more fun than we thought it would be, to be honest, and there is such a great sense of camaraderie on the Dressember Facebook page where we have been posting our pics on a daily basis.

Thinking about what you wear every day rather than just throwing on the first pair of jeans in the pile and the warmest jumper you possess (it is the middle of winter, after all!) has been good for the sartorial soul and has also been great practice for the upcoming Frockery February Fashion Challenge  2013, where we will once again be showing that sustainable style can be every bit as cool as the time of year!

8th December (Springing Saturday)

Today is 'Springing Saturday' for Dressember participants, where the challenge is to snap yourself (or, preferably, get someone else to snap you) in mid air with both feet off the ground - easier said than done at our age, but we'll try anything once and hopefully live not to regret it.

Today we are wearing a multicoloured chevron swing skirt originally from Miss Selfridge and our trusty Autograph black cashmere jumper  along with black lacy leggings and calf length Victorian style boots, accessorised with the statement belt from Day 1 and a gold necklace with sparkly rhinestones and chain tassel for a bit of weekend bling.

Look!!! Johnny 'David Bailey' Frocker managed to capture the requisite mid air shot and we are also delighted to report that a safe landing was accomplished!

9th December

It has been a very busy day today updating the catalogue with new stock and planning the week ahead. For Dressember Day 9, we teamed a charcoal pinstripe pencil skirt with a black M&S jumper with cream lace collar, warm black tights and yesterday's boots.

dressember day 9 forckery

10th December

Day 10 and we thought we'd brighten up a dismal Monday with our cream Fair Isle knit skirt (originally from Next) and raspberry cashmere jumper, accessorised with  an 80s Jaeger belt and our Scottie dog car boot brooch.

dressember 10 frockery

11th December

Flannel frockery is fab for freezing temperatures! Today we are wearing  a vintage grey flannel dress with black velvet collar and buttons, black lace tights and boots, topped off with a grey velvet vintage hat with feather flourish and birdcage veil.

dressember 11 frockery

12th December

Dressember Day 12 is designated ‘Nature’ theme day and so we duly donned our bird and tree print tunic dress from New York Laundry with a floral fringed scarf bought 30 years ago from London's Kensington Market. For warmth (as you have no idea just how cold it is in these parts!) we added thick navy leggings and biker boots with extra socks and temporarily removed our big cardigan to illustrate the ‘nature’ print.

dressember day 12 frockery

13th December

Late getting the pics done today as we've been busy in the shop and engaging in a Lemsip offensive in a bid to stave off the cold that is threatening. For Day 13 we went for warmth and comfort in the form of an olive jumper with a black crochet skirt (both years old) with Fair Isle wool leggings from Deptford Market in London. We also wore our full length green wool cardigan coat for much of the day and looked a dead ringer for a Michelin man by the time we added our big faux fur coat for the post office run!

dressember day 13 frockery

14th December

Even later with the photographic evidence for Day 14 after running to stand still all day and a sortie into Dundee to pick up some Christmas shopping. Today we decided upon a Paul Smith wrapover dress we found on the 50p rail of a local charity shop the other week as we rather liked the print. Being freezing here (still!) we teamed it with a wool turtle neck jumper and boots.

dressember day 14 frockery

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