Dressember 2012, week 3

It's Week 3 already and we have donned a total of 14 dresses (and/or skirts in our case) in the cause of Dressember 2012. You can see the outfits we wore for Week 1 here and Week 2 here.  Onwards towards Hogmanay we go!

15th December

Today we are remembering Vida, who was very much our inspiration and guiding light, on what would have been her 85th birthday. ♥♥♥  She would have loved Dressember!

So it's Day 15  and the designated them is spots and/or stripes. As luck would have it, this Oasis cream skirt with red spots and horizontal stripes around the hemline was found lurking at the back of the chief frocker's wardrobe where it was filed under 'for when we lose a bit of weight' (fortunately we have!)  and it fits the bill perfectly along with a Christmassy red cashmere jumper and cream leather boots.

dressember day 15 frockery

 16th December

Day 16 and we stayed indoors in the warmth all day so had the chance to wear one of our summer staples – a pink Temple tie dye maxi dress  with a Per Una cardigan and gold slippers.

dressember 16 frockery

17th December

Day 17's choice is once again influenced by the continuing cold weather (which I suppose we should expect it in Scotland in the middle of winter!) : a baby blue cashmere jumper and Next print skirt we've had for 20 odd years. We'll be exchanging the ballet slippers for boots and adding big coat before venturing out to the post office with our barrow full of orders this afternoon!

dressember day 17 frockery

18th December

Dressember is truly flying by! Today we headed into Dundee for a spot of Christmas shopping mixed with business, thus our choice of this very vintage Eastex grey utility skirt suit (picked up for a fiver years ago) which we teamed with a warm black jumper, black lace tights and boots and accessorised with a fur stole and vintage hat with birdcage veil (as in Day 11).  We can't tell you how pleased we were to pick up a vintage Blanes little black lace dress from our friends at RARA Vintage which should be making an appearance on Dressember over the festive season. Shame we didn't manage to finish the present shopping for other people, oops!

dressember day 18 frockery

19th December

Another theme day and it's 'Give us a Twirl' time (not good at our age as you can probably tell from the pics!) So for Dressember Day 19, after hanging about in old leggings and a tunic dress while catching up in the office, we got properly frocked up in one of our favourite vintage dresses. This one is an original 1950s green floral voile dress (which only just fits again after several years in the too small department) originally bought for (you won't believe this) £1.75 in a charity shop in deepest Hertfordshire. We accessorised it with an original 50s underskirt (from a friend's attic!), a green chiffon shawl (source forgotten), metallic silver gloves ( from Asda) and green suede Jigsaw shoes. We can confidently say our twirling days are over and we're mighty glad we hadn't eaten before this particular endeavour!

Pre Twirl looking smug

dressember day 19 frockery

The Twirl

dressember day 19 twirl frockery

Post Twirl hanging on to mantelpiece and feeling a tad nauseous

dressember day 19 frockery

20th December

For Day 20 we went for another of our old favourites: a Ronni Nicole skater style dress in black panne velvet with leopard trimmed collar, cuffs and buttons teamed with black tights and black suede boots.

dressember day 20 frockery

21st December

Three weeks of Dressember completed and we're amazed to have got this far! Day 21 has been another miserable day here so we opted for an old M&S floral wool skirt in greens and oranges with a black twin set and suede boots. Kirstin Frocker  arrives home from London tonight and we are soooooo excited to be spending Christmas (and her birthday on Boxing Day) together.

dressember day 21 frockery

Week 4 outfits are blogged here.