Dressember 2012, week 4

We're now into Week 4 of Dressember 2012!  21 frocks (and skirts) down and 10 to go. You can see the outfits we wore for Week 1 here, Week 2 here and Week 3 here.

22nd December

It's the wedding dress theme day today and Dressemberistas are being encouraged to don their wedding dress if they still have it (or have ever been married); or failing that,  their poshest frockery.  Being up for a challenge, and in possession of a pair of killer Spanx, we thought we'd get into the spirit and give our own 1980s nuptial number a second outing. We did not, however, venture outside in it.

The chief frocker's wedding dress was hand made in 1983 by her mum from a Vogue Original pattern in ivory silk and moire satin trimmed with ... wait for it.... net curtains from Lewisham market, lace being rather too expensive for her budget at the time. The ceremony took place at Lewisham Registry Office, where the best man's car refused to start and so we all walked home (it wasn't far but was mostly uphill and in heels...)

Here's a photograph of the dress as originally worn on 11th October 1983... how cool is that park bench (halfway home)?

wedding 1981

And here's the same dress today (a good deal tighter than it was 29 years ago!)

dressember day 22 wedding frockery

dressember day 22 wedding frockery

Although Johnny Frocker still has his wedding suit, the trousers look now resemble tights and the jacket doesn't meet in the middle, so he decided to pass on re-enacting the big day authentically, but here he is in his casuals!

dressember day 22 frockery wedding


23rd December

Day 23 has been one of slaving over a hot stove and baking for the family gathering over the festive period, so this Dorothy Perkins art nouveau print dress fitted the bill perfectly with orange tights and gold ballet slippers. No need for a cardi as the kitchen got pretty hot, but the singularly unattractive Loch Ness Monster apron was ditched for the photograph!

dressember day 23 frockery

24th December

Christmas Eve and Dressember Day 24! Practicality was called for, so today we are wearing a 1960s tweed skirt with a beige silk blouse (Principles) and tan wool gilet (Equorian).  It is taken in very poor (candle) lighting so a bit blurry (then again, maybe Johnny Frocker had had a few mulled wines too many!)  We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Day tomorrow and that we manage to check in here at some point with some pics. xxx

dressember day 24 frockery

 25th December - Christmas Day

Our Christmas Day choice was a Blanes vintage 60s black lace dress bought recently from RaRa in Dundee. We'd ditched the heels by this point!

dressember day 25 frockery

Happy  mama with Kirstin and Danny Frocker (and lots of chocolate!)

the frockers at christmas

26th December - K's birthday and Boxing Day

We have been late in getting Dressember Day 26 blogged as we were busy with birthday celebrations for Kirstin Frocker and entertaining guests. Better late than never, the Boxing Day frock is one that's been in the wardrobe since the late 70s and, in keeping with the allotted 'rainbow' theme, bright purple with a multicoloured smocked bodice and floral print trim.

dressember day 26 frockery

27th December

Back to work, albeit at a gentle pace, on post-festive Day 27 and we wore tartan frockery in the form of a green plaid smock dress (which hides a multitude of Christmas calories!) over a forest green jumper and matching tights.

dressember day 27 frockery

28th December 

Still in tartan mode - it's obviously a phase we're going through! For Day 28 we wore a navy shift dress (originally from M&S)  and vintage green plaid double breasted jacket with velvet collar and cuffs. Poor lighting for the pic, sorry - it had been a long day at the frock face.

dressember day 28 frockery

Last three days' outfits are blogged here.