Dressember challenge

We meant to post before now about the Dressember challenge, and even take part in it ourselves, but we got rather preoccupied with our own snow focused challenges and had to wimp out. Next  year we will do it!

Dressember is capturing the imagination of dress lovers everywhere and raising funds for the charity Refuge at the same time. You can visit their justgiving page to donate and also like their Facebook page.

Here is the lowdown on the challenge:

December 1st marks the beginning of 'Dressember' - the challenge for women (or the adventurous male) everywhere to shake up their wardrobe and try ditching the jeans and t-shirts.

We're aiming to wear dresses as often as possible - don't worry if it's not practical in the day, you can go for a skirt/top combo if needed, or have fun and dress up in the evening in that cocktail dress you never get to wear!

As well as having fun we are hoping to raise a bit of cash for Refuge and have a just giving page for this purpose here: http://www.justgiving.com/dressember.

Feel free to share your photos in the group or on your own wall if you're shy, just have fun with it, and try something different for the month - plus it'a party season, so use the wall to ask if you need help deciding!

There are no rules, it's all about stretching your wardrobe boundaries, trying something different, and having fun, so just jump on in.

Given our snowbound status, which came upon us so suddenly and prevented our own participation this year, we thought we would feature a couple of dynamic dresser-uppers who we know will do Dressember proud.

Firstly, we have  the lovely Julia, who blogs over at Imperfect Mother and  who chose a Frockery frock for her first Dressember outing. That 60s dress could have been made for her as it bright, bold, vibrant, sunshiny and oh so tiny,  but perfectly formed - just like the model. Who could guess Julia has recently given birth to a beautiful new baby!


Amber, meanwhile, is undeterred by a bit of the white stuff and is embracing the challenge in her own inimitable style, complete with snow shovel, on her Forever Amber blog. She is putting us fellow Scots to wimpish shame, but our excuse is that we are further north and have had more feet of snow!

two feet of snow

Kudos to everyone who is dressing up this December. Maybe we could do jumpers in July?

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