Fashion Revolution Week 2017

It's Fashion Revolution Week 2017 and an opportune moment for us to re-state our commitment to ethical and eco-friendly fashion, on which the Frockery brand was built and remains firmly rooted.

We frockers certainly have 'form' as fashion revolutionaries and unfollowers of fast fashion. By way of background, you can read all about us, our loathing of 'landfill' fashion, our Top 10 Eco-Fashion Re-solutions, and our annual eco-fashion challenge.

This week the chief frocker decided to personally take up one of Fashion Revolution's calls to action, which asked:

"What’s your fashion love story? Rather than buying new, fall back in love with the clothes you already own. Share your story, or write a love letter about an item of clothing that means a lot to you."

Here is a tribute to one very special dress, whose story started long before it came into my possession - but that is where I'll begin...

It was 1981 and I was living in Notting Hill (before the postcode became a desirable) with my later-to-become husband and co-frocker, Johnny. We were due to attend a black tie charity event in the Savoy Hotel at which employees of the charity (of which I was one) were to be introduced to its patrons, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

RSC invitation

While Moss Bros in Covent Garden provided Johnny with hired attire for the occasion, a posh frock needed to be found for me.

I first saw you, my beautiful dress, hanging above a stall at Kensington Market and knew you were The One. All black panne velvet with sparkling rhinestones on the shoulders, I just had to have you! You had been a model's dress, I was told. I tried you on and you were the perfect fit, albeit a couple of inches too long. You cost me £14. I was in love.

A local seamstress soon adjusted the length of your bias cut, full length skirt and even lent me the perfect jewellery to go to the ball, but sadly, only a few blurry snaps have survived of your first outing under my ownership.



Fast forward several years and three children, and here you are again at a Christmas ball in Rheindahlen, Germany (1990, from memory).


Returning to the UK in the early 90s, you were wrapped in tissue paper and consigned to the back of the wardrobe as I was no longer a size 8, but you remained the favourite in my collection of vintage frockery that I couldn't bear to part with. I had two daughters, after all!

When I was asked to provide a gown for a magazine photo shoot in 2012, you were the obvious choice and the model took great care of you on your first outing for several years. You were by now over 70 years old!

invite magazine shoot

It's now 2017 and I have owned you for 37 years. Although you are rarely worn, you are now the perfect fit for one of the minor frockers and you are cherished for the memories you hold as well as your timeless beauty.