Frockery eco-fashion challenge winners 2018

Thank you to all the eco-fashionistas who joined us for our eighth Frockery challenge last month. Our apologies for the delay in announcing this year’s winners, but circumstances conspired against us, including a temporary loss of connectivity - and the snow didn't help.

While we were freezing in Forfar...


...some lucky challengers were sunning themselves in Sri Lanka.


We may have had fewer entrants this year (maybe because we were tardy with the promos), but eco-chic enthusiasm was certainly not lacking! It was good to see a few newbies join our 'preloved' returners in vaunting the vintage, rocking the retro, celebrating the second hand and hyping the hand made. Our seasoned bargainistas are all truly brilliant ambassadors for vintage boutiques and charity shops - from Orkney to Lincoln and lots more in between - proving the point that second-hand is now first-choice for savvy shoppers.

So without further ado, the winners of the Frockery Eco-Fashion Challenge 2018 are...

Vintage category: Sue Patchett

Sue’s Steampunk style captured the vintage wow factor.


I'm into Steampunk so am often looking out for stuff to adapt...I don't know if Alison will recognise this, but this is a top and skirt I got from the Frockery. [Yes, we do, it's an 80s Marion Donaldson two-piece!]


This is actually a top and skirt, £10 for both from UK Steampunk sales Facebook page. Necklace given by a friend who got it from a charity shop in Lincoln, but then decided it didn't suit her. Bracelets were 2 for £1 from Oxfam in Lincoln.

Preloved category: Georgie Farron

Georgie showcased some seriously stylish preloved outfits throughout the challenge.


Coat by Kew £12 from 3 Churches charity shop in Dunkeld. Grey Henry Lloyd jumper dress from same shop £6. Scarf from student days!

Charcoal coatigan from charity shop in Stockbridge (on the corner of Cheyne St) £22 H&M cropped trousers £2 Three Churches charity shop in Dunkeld!

Hand made category: Elana Smith

Elana is an upcycling fan who asked her mum to share some of her creations. This punk-inspired jacket with studded collar was a winner.

Special award: Alan Low

In addition, a special award goes to the globe-trotting Alan, who was entered by his 'other half' Cathy, a previous winner, who continued to delight us all this year with her pics and commentary. Some funky frockery braces will shortly be heading Alan's way.

I saw this pic and thought the colours warranted a Frockery pic. Here Alan is wearing very old clothes and his trademark braces. The rather stylish backpack a gift from second son...

People, planet and wallet are of course all winners in the eco-fashion stakes and we'll look forward to doing it all again next year!