Frockery eco-fashion challenge winners 2019

Our very own annual antidote to the February blues, in the form of the 2019 Frockery eco-fashion challenge, once again proved to be an inspirational event as participants showcased an impressive array of vintage, pre-loved and hand-made apparel sourced from charity and second-hand shops, online auctions, swaps and gifts from friends and family members.

The Frockery Facebook group that plays host the challenge may be quite small at 78 members, but a strong sense of camaraderie is in evidence. One participant, who has taken part in the virtual fashion event since our inaugural challenge in 2001, paid tribute to her late mother by re-loving pieces she had worn, saying: “I want to share with you the privilege of having her close to me by lovingly wearing the beautiful outfits she loved before me.”

And while there is never any pressure to post in the community, it is hopefully an inspiration to those who want to embrace more sustainable ‘slow fashion’ choices without sacrificing style. As another member wrote: “Thank you to you all. I am a member of this group but do not have the courage yet to post a picture of myself. I bought a dress from The Frockery for my daughter’s themed party - a huge success. Keep posting, people. You are all an inspiration for me.”

As for the judging, well it was another tough one and the panel really struggled to reach agreement. It is becoming almost too difficult to choose just three winners, so next year, for our 10th challenge, we are planning to make a few changes to prize structure.

So without further ado, the winners of our 9th Frockery Eco-Fashion Challenge are...

Vintage category – Gail Adams

Gail is a seasoned frockery challenger and previous winner who has once again been a prolific poster of all things vintage, preloved and hand-made. Not only were the looks she shared with us this year absolutely stunning, but she delighted us all with her story-telling and humour.

vintage winner

vintage winner 2019

Preloved category – Annick Breugelmans

This is always the most contended category as we are all committed ‘second-hand Roses’ (or Alans, or Neils!), but this year’s prize goes to a devoted eco-fashionista who never ceases to inspire with her unique sense of style and colourful ensembles that match her personality. Although prizes are technically restricted to UK-based challengers, we are making an exception for Annick.

preloved winner

preloved winner 2019

Hand-made category – Sue Patchett

We didn’t have many dedicated hand-made projects this year, but there were some creative examples of upcycling, alteration and re-purposing. Sue, also a previous winner and steampunk devotee, has put together some amazing outfits and shared some more of her sources, ideas and adaptations with us.

handmade winner 2019

handmade winner 2019

Winners, please email us your selected items from the Frockery catalogue to the value of £50 and we'll wing them off to you.

Finally, a big thank you to all who joined in this year’s virtual event and for being part of our small but sustainably formed eco-friendly community! Please feel free to keep sharing your vintage, pre-loved and hand-made outfits on the group throughout the coming year and we will look forward to seeing you all again for the 10th annual challenge in February 2020!