Frockery Focus: Mary Quant

Mary Quant is one of those iconic designers who is synonymous with the swinging 60s and jet set 70s London. Born in Blackheath, south east London, in 1934, she completed a Diploma in Art Education at Goldsmith’s College before undertaking an apprenticeship as a couture milliner.

In 1955, Quant and her husband Alexander Plunket Greene opened the trendsetting boutique ‘Bazaar’, which soon became renowned for its avant-garde window displays, in Chelsea’s King’s Road. Mixing  with artists and musicians, they embraced the bohemian ‘café society’ lifestyle of the day and made the 'London Look' their own.

Frustrated at being unable to source the type of fashion she felt would appeal to the emerging mod youth culture of which she herself was inextricably part, Quant soon began designing her own clothing based on the key principles of simplicity and affordability. Her Ginger Group was founded in 1963, followed by the famous paintbox make-up and cosmetic range in 1966, by which time Quant was at the top of the London fashion industry and established as a worldwide brand.

Mary Quant is credited with having ‘invented’ the mini skirt, although she claims to have simply taken the concept from the street, named it after her favourite Mini car and turned it into popular fashion. In 1966, she was awarded an OBE for her outstanding contribution to the fashion industry, arriving at Buckingham Palace to receive the honour wearing a trademark micro mini skirt and sporting her classic Vidal Sassoon bob.

It is a privilege to be able to offer some vintage Mary Quant items at The Frockery. Dating from the early 1970s, these three eminently collectable pieces arrived along with two vintage Viyella blouses, one in a paisley pattern and the other in an art nouveau print, which we also absolutely love.  Even better, they are all in unworn condition and look to be dead stock, possibly from a 70s Scottish boutique.

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Mary Quant vintage 70s blouse

Vintage Mary Quant beige blouse

Mary Quant vintage teal needlecord shirt