Frockery Focus on Laura Ashley

Frockery founder Alison first discovered Laura Ashley back in 1974 when she was a student at Edinburgh University. She and her friends used to frequent the Lothian Road shop which was temptingly filled with covetable cotton dresses in feminine floral prints, all designed to stretch the student grant to its limit. (Yes, we had grants back then!)

When she got married five years later, it was in a Victorian style cotton dress with a pin tucked bodice, self-designed with a strong Laura Ashley influence, and the bridesmaids wore dresses made from Laura Ashley fabric. Later she dressed her daughters, and continued to dress herself, in Laura Ashley clothes, ranging from day dresses and business suits to cocktail dresses and ballgowns. The attention to detail was always meticulous and the quality of the garments was unsurpassed on the high street during the brand’s heyday.

By way of background, Laura Ashley (nee Mountney) was born in Wales in 1925 and educated in London. Following her marriage to Bernard Ashley in 1949, she designed scarves from her London home for John Lewis and other retail stores. Her designs proved immensely popular and Bernard soon joined her in the fast expanding business which had also started selling by mail order.

Moving from London to Kent, then back to Laura’s native Wales, which had been the inspiration for many of her country floral designs, the brand enjoyed enormous success and in 1968 the first Laura Ashley shop opened in South Kensington, London. Increasing international interest and the addition of  several thousand overseas outlets helped  Laura Ashley grow a global following by the early 80s, although the brand sadly lost its creative force and much of its direction following the sudden tragic death of its founder after an accident in 1985.

The Frockery sells a wide selection of Laura Ashley brand clothing, mostly from the 80s, but occasionally we have earlier pieces on offer. Here are a few of the examples we currently have in stock, all at affordable prices and in excellent condition, and all timeless in their appeal.

 80s cobalt blue Laura Ashley ballerina dress

cobalt blue ballerina dress laura ashley

 80s Laura Ashley floral print sun dress

80s Laura Ashley summer print dress

Laura Ashley red dress with back bows

red dress with back bows

Black velvet Laura Ashley prom dress

And coming soon!

Navy and white polka dot 80s Laura Ashley sailor dress

navy sailor dress laura ashley

80s does 50s vintage Laura Ashley print dress

50s style laura ashley dress