Ashes to Ashes fashion

Anyone who has been following the Frockery on Facebook or Twitter will already know how much we loved the BBC cult series  Ashes to Ashes. We have a particular crush on the gorgeous Philip Glenister, who plays Gene Hunt and who even appeared in the 2010 general election campaign alongside his famous red Quattro!

Along with its prequel Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes undoubtedly helped fuel a revival in retro  fashion. Like many fans, we were positively bereft when the last series ended, so we have decided to devote our latest ‘Get the Look’ to Ashes inspired early 80s frockery.

Alex Drake, played by Keeley Hawes, really rocked the white leather jacket and boots look, not to mention that sumptuous fur jacket, and Gene Hunt’s cowboy boots stole more than one show as he stepped out of the Quattro.  Leather jackets, white boots and stilettos,  denim jackets and off the shoulder slouch tops were de rigueur for the 'goodies' in the cast, while Jim Keats hid his decidedly devilish intentions behind an ordinary looking beige mac.

Like 2010, the 80s brought enforced frugality for many as recession bit Britain. To get into the  zone, think Thatcher, Princess Diana, Dallas and Dynasty, big hair, shoulder pads, Fame (and legwarmers!),  Boy George (with hair!) and Culture Club, New Wave, Blondie, Adam Ant and new romantics.  Then go back in time to bring out your inner Alex (yet still stay fashionable) with a distinctively Ashes to Ashes look, like this one from our catalogue.

White leather jacket White leather boots Max Mara jeans Black and gold tie neck blouse 80s black belt Black 80s bag

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