Gym'll fix it? The zipper's progress

There are times when a frocker's gotta do what a frocker's gotta do in order to fit into her favourite vintage dress for the Herald Fashion Awards on Sunday. Did we mention The Frockery is a finalist in the best preloved online retailer category? Yes, of course we did! 

Thankfully, our local Forfar Leisure Centre provides all the instruments of torture necessary to help achieve the goal of doing up the zip on the 5os cocktail number we have earmarked for the occasion, but time is running out...

lochside leisure centre

A little encouragement from Twitter friends never goes amiss!

cross trainer twitter banterpauline twitter

A combination of 30 mins on the treadmill, 20 mins on the cross trainer and 15 mins on the bike allegedly expended 550 calories this lunch time, while the banana only added about 100. So it was a pretty wrecked looking frocker sporting trainers and bad hair- rather than a well-coiffed #heraldfashion icon in heels - who dropped the day's orders off with Sara at Forfar post office this afternoon. It had better be worth it!

Rather than undo all the gruelling  good work by indulging in our favourite Merlot this evening, we are limiting ourselves to a single G&T - The Botanist gin, of course, which was gifted by a friend from South Uist. Our Arabella looks as if she's had a few herself!

botanist gin

Here's hoping that the gym'll fix it for us to become fit for fashionable purpose in six days flat. We will report further on the  zipper's progress and, of course, the glitzy awards event at Arta in Glasgow, which we are looking forward to immensely. Please wish us luck!