Halloween Frocky Horrors

Fi Frocker is off to see the Rocky Horror Show in Dundee tonight, dressed as Magenta, leaving the older frockers alone with their bottle of Botanist gin, kindly gifted by our forager fiends from South Uist. Note Arabella's distinctly disapproving look!

botanist gin

If the guisers pitch up later, Arthur and Christine Frocker, our scary mannequins, will be ready to greet them. Arthur was literally in bits that he wasn't invited out tonight...

arthur in bits

but managed to pull himself together again and keep his head.

arthur frocker

Meanwhile, we think Christine looks fabulous in her 70s vintage Bernshaw Gothic gown with amazing embellished choker collar, which we have accessorised with a vintage boa and mask. Now available for sale in the catalogue.

Christine Halloween

Christine Halloween

Happy Halloween to all our customers and friends!