Happy Australia Day with corks on!

We seem to be on an international roll, having celebrated both the Chinese New Year and Scotland's Burns Night this week, but it's not over yet!  Today we want to wish all our friends and customers from downunder a very happy Australia Day.

Our own Australian of the Year is a  lovely lady called Ria who has become a Frockery friend and follower since making England her adopted home for the past few years. We fully expect tweets about (suitably weather proofed) barbecues, kangaroo steaks, pavlova and other traditional Aussie fare as the day goes on. You know that old old saying: you can take the girl out of Australia, but...

We are still feeling stuffed after all that haggis and the Chinese banquet earlier in the week, so a few days of starvation rations are in order before we visit our local Aussie restaurant Roo's Leap, whose Australia-sized portions almost caused the chief frocker a wardrobe malfunction on her last visit. We'll settle for a few Australian lagers in the meantime.

We must confess to being somewhat stumped when it comes to 'typical' Aussie fashion (apart from the obvious - see below), but Australia certainly scores highly in the style stakes, boasting several famous fashion ambassadors. Think Kylie, Cate, Kidman et al!

While we regret that hats with corks are currently out of stock at the Frockery, this stylish Crocodile Dundee version is available from The Party Mill. G'day all!

hat with corks