Happy Tartan Day 2009

There was some distinctly 14th century frockery in evidence at Arbroath Abbey today as hundreds turned out to watch the Scribe's Tale, a re-enactment of the signing, on 6th April 1320, of the Declaration of Abroath.

The Declaration is the most important document in Scottish history and is said to have influenced those who drafted the American Declaration of Independence.

King Robert and entourage

Members of Arbroath Abbey Timethemes regularly bring Scottish history alive and never fail to delight visitors and locals alike with their re-enactment events.

King Robert, pictured above with some of his royal entourage, wears a particluarly fetching full length velvet cloak, but that helmet can apparently cause some serious neck cricking. Chainmail could well be the next big thing - or not as the case may be!