Introducing Arthur, the menacing mannequin

Arthur, our vintage male mannequin, may well have seen better days, but since we rescued his constituent parts from the back of a junk shop some years ago, we have become quite attached to him. We thought he should be officially introduced to our readers in time for Halloween, which is when he  really comes into his own.

Arthur mannequin

What with his broken hand and the damage to his bodywork, not to mention that hair, his modelling assignments are generally limited these days to punk themed character shots.

Come Halloween, however, dressed in black and positioned menacingly in the shadows behind our front window, he is scary enough to deter even the most determined  trick-or-treaters .

Arthur mannequin

Not that we have anything against the traditional Scottish ‘guisers’ who sing songs or tell stories in exchange for a few sweets or other treats, but we aren't quite so sympathetic when it comes to bare-faced extortion!

Happy Halloween!