London calling

oxford street

We would like to notify customers that the frockers are taking a break to visit London from Wednesday 11th until Tuesday 17th February. We will continue to tweet, wifi permitting, from the deep south and still also hope to be able to post pics to the #frockerychallenge group, which co-opted frocker Janice is looking after in her usual efficient fashion.

During our absence, all incoming orders will be processed through our online checkout as usual, but there may be some delay in dispatching items as the human element will be missing from active frocking operations, with only a techie frocker on stand by. Orders received on Tuesday 10th will be sent out prior to our departure, then normal service will be resumed from the following Tuesday 17th. All orders received while we are away will be dispatched as a matter of priority upon our return and we'll catch up with any outstanding enquiries as soon as we possibly can.

Please accept our apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused.