Lovely in lace

Like the LBD, lace is a look that never really goes out of style. Loved by designers and fashionistas alike, it captivates on the catwalk and hits the high street season after season.

Just lately it has once again become a firm favourite on the celebrity circuit, the Duchess of Cambridge having undoubtedly led the trend with her exquisite taste and love of lace dresses.

The Frockers are also big fans of all things lacy, from delicate lace embellishments and trimmings to entire pieces crafted from this most feminine of fabrics.

Here are some examples from our current catalogue, for which we promise you won't need a Kate Middleton sized budget!

Yumi cream lace

yumi chiffon and cream lace dress

Lady in red

red lace dress

Miss Posh ivory lace tuxedo jacket

Miss Posh ivory lace tuxedo jacket

Double layer lace skirt with sheer black lace blouse

red and black lace

Cream tiers

cream lace skirt

Navy lace cocktail frock

navy lace cocktail dress

Pink lace jabot blouse

pink lace jabot blouse

Vintage lace trimmed underskirt

lace trimmed vintage underskirt

Lace trimmed hankies

lace trimmed hankies