Maxi mixture

We have just listed three maxi coats which we have teamed up with boots and bags from our catalogue for maximum style. What do you think of these looks? Which do you like the best?

This indigo navy wool riding style maxi coat with dove grey trim and buttons is simply stunning and we had one of our familiar 'wish we were smaller' moments when listing its measurements. A one-off statement piece in which you are bound to make a dramatic, sweeping entrance, it should fit a size 8 or 10.

indigo wool maxi coatindigo wool maxi coat

Black leather knee length riding boots  and a leather messenger bag would complete the look.

black leather riding bootsblack leather messenger bag

We are big fans of the coatigan and this beige knitted maxi cardigan coat by Renay Martan is in fabulous condition. It has dark navy edging and tartan fabric covered buttons as well as tartan appliqué flowers and leaves.

beige coatigan with tartan trim beige coatigan with tartan trim

These brown suede knee high boots and boho leather satchel shoulder bag would make the perfect accessories. 

boho suede knee high bootsboho satchel shoulder bag

 There is something reminiscent of Biba about this Jeffery Rogers ocelot animal print monochrome maxi coat which has a lovely velvetty feel to the fabric.

ocelot print maxi coatocelot print maxi coat

We think these black velvet boots by Next and black velvet clutch purse would complement it perfectly.

black velvet bootsblack velvet clutch purse