New frock, or maybe just a respray?

Fabrican (literally, fabric in a can), which was showcased at the Science in Style  show at London Fashion Week, is an innovative spray-on textile developed by Spanish fashion designer Michael Torres in collaboration with the Royal College of Art and scientists at Imperial College London.

The spray forms a seamless fabric when sprayed directly on to the body, is easy to peel off and can be washed and reworn.

The Guardian reports that  “Torres took 15 minutes to spray a T-shirt onto a male model in a demonstration”, which is significantly longer than throwing on a conventional T, so it may not catch on with the fast fashionistas.

Another drawback we have identified is that, while spray-on clothing may be fine for those without too many inches to pinch, some of us would need multiple layers of spray to keep the bulges at bay, or just smooth them out a bit. Will Fabrican spray directly on to Spanx, we wonder?

On a serious note, this is an exciting invention, which has a myriad of applications, not least of all for medical use as sterile spray-on bandages. We aren’t sure it will catch on as a fashion textile, but we are certainly impressed by its multiple use and reuse potential.

Take a look at this link for some video demos of Fabrican in action.

We'll  need a rub down and some filler at the body shop before booking our respray, so will be sticking to conventional clobber in the  meantime.