Not socks again, Santa!

Christmas is coming and we all know that socks and slippers make practical but predictable presents for the man (or men) in your life. Instead, why not treat him (or them) to something a little more thoughtful with a sartorial flavour and vintage twist?

Naturally we have a few suggestions from our Menswear department...

Vintage navy silk bow tie

vintage navy silk bow tie

Gentleman's vintage grooming set in zipped cowhide leather case

men's vintage grooming kit in leather case

Hico vintage gold mod style scarf

Hico vintage gold mod scarf

Retro paisley print dressing gown

men's retro paisley print dressing gown

Vintage Irish lawn handkerchiefs

men's vintage Irish lawn handkerchiefs

Of course it just wouldn't be Christmas without the traditional Christmas jumper!

 Bottle green snowflake pattern jumper

men's green snowflake jumper