Old hat?

We do love vintage hats and have found them to be popular purchases at vintage fairs, as well as from our online shop (whence they are dispatched in often unconventional packaging, from cornflake cartons to biscuit tins!)

The various head topping pieces listed in our current catalogue represent but the tip of a much larger iceberg of old hattery which can be found at the Frockery, a selection of which is pictured below. Some of these pieces are for sale, some are for hire, some are used for styling, shows and photo shoots, and a few we just like to keep for ourselves.

frockery vintage hats

 Meet Arabella, who has graced our antique sideboard for many years. Her current choice of hat is a vintage navy felt number with veil and fabulous feather flourish. Rather oversized for her small head, but we think it still suits her.

arabella in vintage hat

We even have a vintage wooden hat stretcher which has been mistaken, on more than one occasion, for a thumb-screwing instrument of torture. Occasionally we wonder what sort of reputation must precede us, but we can assure you we are entirely harmless, old hat loving frockers!

vintage hat stretcher