Ostrich mentality

We are big fans of ostrich leather (and indeed ostrich feathers!) and have several classic examples in our own collection of handbags and accessories.

According to the informative Ostrich Goods website:

"Ostrich leather is often described as the finest quality leather in the world. Ostrich leather is suitable for articles where durability is an important element. It is one of the toughest and most pliable skins available on the market today. The ostrich hide is full of natural oils, which makes it resistant to stiffening, drying or cracking.

"No other leather can compete with the unique quill pattern the ostrich leather bears. A simple way to identify genuine ostrich leather is to gently drag your fingertips across the surface of the quill holes. There should be a bumpy feel to it as the markings are slightly raised; something that cannot be reproduced by man or machinery. This in itself makes it one of the most expensive leathers in the world today, a symbol of classic distinction and unsurpassed elegance."

Ostrich handbags in natural, go-with-anything shades, are a particular weakness of ours, but a dramatic downsizing of our collection is long overdue and we can no longer bury our heads in the sand! You'll therefore find a few ostrich items on the Frockery website at what we think are very reasonable prices, given their quality. Why not take a gander and see for yourselves?

Vintage ecru ostrich leather handbag

vintage ecru ostrich leather handbag

Vintage Holmes creamy beige ostrich leather handbag

vintage beige ostrich leather handbag

Vintage tan ostrich leather purse

vintage ostrich leather purse