RaRa reopens

We have been to RaRa's grand re-opening in Dundee today and would like to congratulate Erin on her fabulous refurb of our favourite wee vintage emporium.

RaRa vintage shop

Not a lot of people know that this little shop used to be the constituency office of Shiona Baird, the former Green MSP for north east Scotland, and that chief frocker Alison used to work there as a parliamentary researcher. Following the 2007 election, Shiona and Alison refused to admit defeat and went on to celebrate their greenness in different ways, with Shiona returning to organic farming and chairing the Tayside Recyclers project, while Alison opened for business at the Frockery.

Their old office stood empty for a while and was briefly home to a few fleeting enterprises until 2008 when Erin moved in and put her vintage stamp on the place, giving it a whole new lease of life.  Somehow it seemed appropriate that she should carry on the recycling ethos, and it has been a pleasure to witness the transformation of our old office from a pretty vacant space into a vibrant RaRa and the Pretty Vacant Showrooms.

Here is how the interior looks now. Cool, eh?

vintage clothes

vintage clothes

And here is Alison helping Erin behind the retro cocktail bar counter (which Johnny Frocker managed to miss out of the pic - you can't get the staff these days). This space used to be our meeting room, complete with sunflower wallpaper (that did Alison's head in) and pea green paint (we kid you not).

Erin and Alison at RaRa vintage

So what are you waiting for? Get on your retro green scooter ....

vintage scooter

... and get on down to

RaRa vintage shop