Red hot frockery

A City University of New York study has apparently found that wearing red makes women more attractive - but only to men who already fancy them a bit.

Commenting last year in the European Journal of Social Psychology, the study’s principal Steven G. Young said: “Even when women are viewed merely carrying red objects (e.g., laptop computers), they are found more attractive than when holding comparable objects in different colors.”

But don’t get too excited because he also found that: “In two experiments, red enhanced men’s ratings of female attractiveness, but only for faces pre-rated as attractive; red had no influence on perceptions of initially unattractive faces.”

So after a night on the red, red wine, the chief frocker may need to put a bag over her head...

If anyone fancies testing the ‘lady in red’ hypothesis for themselves, here are a few ideas straight from our own Frockery ‘Simply Red’ List. Don’t forget to let us know how you get on!

ruby slippers


red pleated evening bag


red leather gloves


red flapper top


betty jackson red dress

red satin corset

red satin platform sandals

red pussy bow blouse

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