Remembering Marilyn, the greatest icon of them all

It's 5o years since Marilyn Monroe  was found dead at her Los Angeles home at the tragically young age of 36. Barbiturate poisoning was reported as the cause of death, but speculation persists to this day as to whether it was an accidental overdose, suicide or worse.

Acres of print and video footage commemorating the anniversary of her passing have been produced by the media this week, all of which revere her unparalleled iconic status. We especially appreciated The Mirror's Marilyn Memories: Classic archive pictures on 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death and accompanying reproduction of its original report of the star's death on 5th August 1962.

The Marilyn look is one which so many still aspire to; indeed, one of the most frequent requests we receive from customers is for a dress in the style of the white one she famously wore in the 1955 film  The Seven Year Itch,  which was sold last year for a staggering £2.8 million.

marilyn white dress

Image credit: Daily Mail

Back in February, we paid our  own homage to Marilyn in a Dollyfrockers' photo shoot in St Andrews when the lovely Hannah Wood captured the star's stunning look to perfection in some of our frockery, with hair and makeup by Sandra Cormack.

dollyfrockers marilyn monroe

Image credit: St Andrews Citizen

Marilyn, it seems, will never go out of fashion, and we'll go on celebrating, and emulating, her inimitable style for years to come.