Skins for the skint

The Frockers are well known for their love of leather, so we were naturally delighted to see it emerge (yet again!) as one of the key looks for the season. Full-on or more subtle accents in leather, faux leather or suede are de rigueur, whether you want to achieve biker chic, rock chick, elegant sophisticate or anything in between.

Perusing some of the offerings from eye-watering high end to more reasonable high street, we were struck by how many similar pieces were already firm fixtures in our own wardrobe and how many examples we have in our catalogue at prices that will neither make your eyes water nor your credit card melt. Skins for the skint, you might say!

Take Balenciaga's wool and faux leather pencil skirt, for example (if you can afford the £445, that is), and compare it with our Llinares black pencil skirt with embellished leather cummerbund pictured below (a mere snip at £16). For the mathematically inclined, that makes it more than 96% cheaper.

black pencil skirt with leather cummerbund

black pencil skirt with leather cummerbund Moving to the high street, compare this beige leather skirt from River Island (£54.99) with our equivalent soft cream leather skirt  pictured below at only £18! It's a veritable no brainer for 'careful' Scots like us! cream leather skirt We honestly have lots of leather and suede in stock, far more than is currently featured in our online catalogue, so please let us know if you are looking for a particular style and we'll try to help. We even have a suede cowgirl outfit lurking somewhere!

Meanwhile, may we point you towards these tight reptile leathertrousers which are just the ticket for skinnier skin lovers?

reptile leather trousers

And last but not least, that hardy perennial, the vintage black leather biker jacket.

black leather biker jacket

We just love leather!