Slow down

Call us slow, but it took us a few days to catch up with the social media storm surrounding the Primark frock with the slave labour label attached, by which time reputational management had kicked in with the fast fashion giant promising a full invesitigation of the circumstances. Whether the label was attached as a genuine call for help from a desperate third world worker, or, as has been suggested, an orchestrated attack on Primark's alleged use of sweatshop labour remains to be seen, but the story has once again focused attention on the business practices of multinationals in the fast fashion industry. It's nothing new and and we are not impressed by the "can't go wrong at that price" mantra, especially when it comes form those who should know better. Such wake-up calls are healthy reminders to all of us of the responsibility we have as consumers. Talking of labels, how many of us ever spare a thought for the worker who received a pittance for hand embellishing the cheap beaded top we wore once or twice before relegating it to the back of the wardrobe or even the bin? There are plenty more sequinned tops for less than a tenner.   Fast fashion comes at a price.   Slow fashion Go slow Size 0 conscience  snail space raises awareness of what yo are buying - a million sequins hand sewn for your party top that you wear once and chuck away as it was si cheap. Lewis min wage petition for cleaners where would we be without them - up to our necks in it Because we all deserve a living wage. Jobs that are undervalued are often the jobs that are the most important. Where would we be without the cleaners of the world. Up to our necks in it. All low paid workers deserve to be able to have a decent quality of life as a result of their ladours. There are plenty of people out there doing work that is harmful, or minimal who receive excessively high wages for doing very little. Low waged jobs are hard, repetitive, exhausting, sometimes dangerous and thankless. To be insulted by being paid a wage that it is not possible to feed your family on, is totally, totally wrong.