Spice surprise for RARA!

Our good friends at RARA and the Pretty Vacant Showrooms have been celebrating their fourth birthday and we decided to spice things up with some serious Girl Power and frockery bakery.

Fairy cakes on a vintage metal and bakelite cake stand made it from Forfar to Dundee with only one minor pink icing casualty.

frockery cakery

Look, we customised them ...

RARA cakes

... and even provided four candles / fork handles.

rara cakes

The 5 Spices - Scary, Ginger, Posh, Sporty and Baby - were looking just as fresh faced as they did in the 90s, despite a 15 year stint in the Frockers' attic, and seemed to enjoy their outing.

spice girls

They certainly gave a big thumbs up to RARA and are staying until Tuesday. If you're quick, you can get your picture taken with them and pick up some vintage treasures at the same time!

Who spotted the 6th Spice Girl below and what's she called? Post the answer on our Facebook page or Twitter feed with the #rarabirthday hashtag and we'll send a vintage scarf to the first correct one out of the hat on Wednesday.

spice girls at RARA