Tartan celebrations

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It's officially Tartan Week, when Scots across the world celebrate their heritage and mark the signing, on 6 April 1320, of the Declaration of Arbroath - the document on which the American Declaration of Independence is said to have been founded.

We Scots get about a bit, and the Frockers are no exception, having spent several happy years in England and even forayed into parts of mainland Europe before returning to Angus, birthplace of Scotland (according to the local council anyway!)

As long as the snow stays away, we'll be heading for Arbroath Abbey on Friday to watch the annual re-enactment by the Timethemes group of the signing of the historic Declaration, at 13.20 naturally. We've blogged about this event before.

Tartan Day this year also happens to coincide with the Frockery's fifth birthday, so we'll be donning some fine tartan frockery to celebrate both occasions in style - probably with a fish supper, Arbroath being home to the world famous smokie!

And don't forget we're offering free standard postage to UK addresses throughout April, so why not join us and tartan up your wardrobe more affordably and eco-fashionably than ever?