Tartan frockery parade

Now that the clocks have changed, and that time of year is almost upon us  - St Andrew's Day on 30th November, that is, not the dreaded C season for which there is still plenty of time to prepare  -  we Scots frockers invariably turn our attention to tartan trendsetting in this land  of haggis, shortbread and deep fried Mars bars. Several days of permanent fog have depressed our mood considerably, so we are ditching the plains and embracing the plaids to stave off SAD syndrome and all things dreich!

Having been absent from regular blogging duties recently, due entirely to being exceptionally busy in the shop and having only a skeleton staff  (not nearly enough deep fried Mars bars at Frockery HQ!), we are delighted to present this November's tartan parade from our current catalogue. We have more in our stock room awaiting listing, so watch this space if you are a tartan fan.

Short or medium length kilts, in Royal Stuart or Black Watch tartan

short red tartan kilt  Black watch tartan kilt skirt

Maxi kilts from Mulberry or Scott the Kiltmaker [see more kilts]

mulberry maxi kilt  vintage tartan maxi kilt

Mixed monochrome

Pepe Jeans monochrome mixed print maxi dress    Sybil Zelker black and white plaid dress

Outer wear

vintage tartan wool jacket     Per Una plaid cape with corsage

Check out the Converse

converse blue check    black and white check Converse

or classic beige nova check

nova check scarf    burberrys nova check silk tie

Liberty tartan trim or casual Fred Perry

liberty dress shirt tartan bow tie  fred perry tartan shirt

And so to bed (with a wee dram)...

vintage tartan wool dressing gown

Browse our Scots Frockery department for more tartan, tweed, mohair, Fair Isle and Aran knitwear.