The Burberry effect

Burberry certainly hasn't lost its appeal, given the number of enquiries we receive from lovers of this classic label. So it was no surprise that the trench coat we catalogued last week was gone within hours and we had several emails asking when we might have another in stock. The truth is we never quite know, which means it's a good idea to keep dropping by to see what's new on the site - or you can always ask us to contact you if a particular item comes in.

The long anticipated new series of Ashes to Ashes started last week, which pleased us no end as we absolutely love Philip Glenister and his  various sidekicks. The 80s music and fashion flashbacks are great reminders of the days when life seemed a lot simpler, although we confess we are happy that the sexism which permeates this and other retro series has now largely been consigned to history.

On the fashion front, Gok's Fashion Fix influence has been evident on high streets everywhere, with accessories such as belts being used to jazz up otherwise dull outfits without busting the budget. We are particularly liking the self-tie leather cummerbund style belts, some of which we have in stock. It seems that belt tightening is now more fashionable than ever!