The Frockery's Top 10 Eco-Fashion Re-Solutions

Why not adopt some or all of our Top 10 fashion ‘RE-solutions’ this new year and help save the planet and your wallet in style?

1.   RE-SIST temptation. Don’t buy it if you don’t need it! Your wardrobe is probably already bulging with impulse buys, many of which you have never worn, so you know it makes sense.

2.   RE-JECT fast fashion outlets and cheap imports which have been transported halfway round the world, may have been produced by an exploited workforce, including child labour, in dangerous conditions, and will probably fall apart after one wash.

3.   RE-THINK your buying habits. Support ethical, fair trade businesses and ‘home-grown’ designers.

4.   RE-USE clothing and accessories. Buy from vintage, second hand or charity shops, car boot sales and auction websites – or swap clothes with friends.

5.   RE-DISCOVER the back of your wardrobe and the darkest corners of your attic which may well harbour some long forgotten outfits that are yearning for a new lease of life.

6.   RE-STYLE your current wardrobe. Get the sewing box out, refashion a dress into a top and matching bag, add a few embellishments, chop off some sleeves, or just shorten a hemline or two.

7.   RE-FRESH your ‘old’ clothes by adding belts, scarves and complementary accessories for an instant style update.

8.   RE-CYCLE the clothing you no longer need. Drop it off at your local textile recycling bank, ‘freecycle’ it, or else donate to charity.

9.   RE-SELL your unwanted clothes on one of the internet auction sites or, if you don’t want to do it yourself, through a local or online dress agency.

10. RE-SEARCH environmentally friendly fashion alternatives which combine style with sustainability. We recommend Love Your Clothes as a great starting point for both information and inspiration.

P.S.  RE-MEMBER to join in The Frockery’s annual eco-fashion challenge starting on 1st February.