The Scottish X Factor final

Forth Bridge

Quite a few customers have noticed that we are based in Scotland (hey, we don't hide it!) so on the day of the Scottish X Factor popular 'vote', we may as well mention the R word.

To the concerned customer who asked about ordering if there's a yes vote in the referendum, we can confirm we'll still be open for business in the usual currency on Friday!

As a small family run business, whose customers are predominantly 'next door' in England, we obviously have to 'ca' canny' in times of uncertainty and will consider the best options for ourselves and our customers as things become clearer. Our crystal ball is still a bit hazy.

We can, however,  assure you all that there will be no interruption to our service, whoever receives the most Xs in today's final. Although we many not harbour any grand aspirations for a Christmas No. 1, we certainly plan on continuing to rock and frock the vintage hit parade while  earning our customers' votes of confidence!


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