The wonder of woollies

Hurricane Gonzalo may have lost most of its momentum on its way across the Pond, but we have been experiencing the sting in its tail in the form of high winds, driving rain and plummeting temperatures. We are just hoping to hang on to our slates until it passes.

As one tweeter observed:

"When you open the curtains in the morning and a seagull flies past backwards.... You can be fairly sure #Gonzalo has arrived!"

Readers will be glad to know we've got a selection of warm woollies waiting to provide stylish service for the inclement weather between now and next spring. What's more, we can deliver them to you at 'speedy Gonzalo' hurricane rate! 

We are big fans of traditional knits and here at Frockery HQ, we have taken to wearing Norwegian knits and Aran cardigans rather than turn on the heating. Call us mean, but we aim to stay stylishly so!

Here are some of our newly arrived knitwear, mainly jumpers and cardigans but also a fabulous Rodier multicoloured skirt which is sure to lift anyone's spirits as we wave goodbye to summer time when the clocks change this weekend.

pink icelandic jumper boyfriend sloiuch cardigan jacket

Alloa Knitear brown patterned jumper brown and cream patterned cardigan jacket

norwegian red and black jumper  rodier multicoloured knit skirt

We have an extensive range of knitwear in the catalogue - something for everyone at highly affordable prices - so come on in out of the cold and we'll give you a  warm  frockery welcome!