Vintage at Goodwood

The inaugural Vintage at Goodwood festival kicks off tomorrow with a promise to celebrate "creative British cool from the 40s, 50s,60s,70s and 80s" and a stated ambition to recreate a new, vintage focused Festival of Britain.

The three day extravaganza in Sussex is the brainchild of Geraldine and Wayne Hemingway, founders of Red or Dead and lovers of all things vintage, who wanted to bring together the fashion, music, art and culture of bygone eras to showcase Britain's  rich and creative heritage.

On the music front, Vintage at Goodwood will feature an inspirational line up of world renowned bands and DJs from each of the decades as well as contemporary performers who have taken inspiration from the original artists. Performing for the first time in many years, Sandie Shaw will be a special highlight for festival goers.

There will also be five clubs on site which will replicate ballrooms, clubs and disco venues  of past decades:  the 1940s styled Torch Club; Let it Rock, which will celebrate 50s rock and roll culture;  the Leisure Dome for easy listening and light pop; the Soul Casino Nightclub, a two room re-creation of a 1970s Mecca ballroom; and the Warehouse & Roller Disco which aims to capture the vibe "from 70s Funk and Disco, through early 80s Electro, Boogie, Rare Groove and onto early Rave and Acid House, played out in a fully recreated industrial warehouse and adjacent Roller Disco".  Wow!

In addition to the music, the Vintage High Street will include shops, vintage hair styling salons, vintage cafes, restaurants and bars, as well as a marketplace packed with vintage clothing sellers.  Meanwhile,  the Vintage Timeline promises to "examine the lineage of art, design and the wider creative industries - culminating in Future vintage - future gazing about what we as a nation will be celebrating in 25 years".

Vintage at Goodwood  certainly promises to be the most amazing weekend, but it's sadly a bit far for us to travel. We will be heading for Edinburgh instead for a flurry of fantastic Fringe frockery!