Bridging the generation gap, vintage style

Alison and Kirstin recently experienced a touch of déjà vu while looking through some old family photos, which we thought might be fun to share. Never mind the picture quality, look at the frocks!

We may post more later as Kirstin still regularly wears pieces from Alison's vintage wardrobe, but here are a couple of examples of how vintage fashion has bridged the generation gap between mother and daughter at The Frockery.

This is Alison in 1979. Just look at that hideous orange vinyl chair!

1979 dress

Here is Kirstin rocking the same frock in 2011.

kirstin 79 dress

This is Alison (well half of her) wearing a glam velvet frock for a party back in 1984. Note how orange still prominently features in the background!

Alison in 1984 dress
And here's Kirstin (all of her!) looking stunning in the same dress in 2011.

K 1984 dress

Mother and daughter today - different generations, same love of vintage.