Weather proof presents

There is no doubt that the recent bad weather has played havoc with Christmas shopping schedules, especially in some areas of the country. Whether on the high street or online, the elements have conspired against present buying as transport systems have in some places ground to a halt and deliveries have been unreliable as a result.

Here in Scotland, our transport minister resigned (not that he could have controlled the weather, but the closure of the M8 and abandonment of stranded travellers for 12 hours was pretty serious) and Tesco suspended home deliveries to the frozen north. Meanwhile on the Frockery front, Dan the IT man had to hole up in a hotel for two nights until the main roads became passable, and our vehicle was stuck under more snow than we have seen for years. We almost had to call in the huskies!

As dedicated online shoppers ourselves, we were panicking slightly that Christmas orders wouldn't reach us, despite having placed them in good time and well before the white stuff descended. Thankfully, everything has arrived safely and Frockery orders have also been getting through to customers with minimal delays, despite the atrocious conditions.  However, we have always had contingency plans which were not at all reliant on the weather - online gift vouchers.

Gift vouchers in various denominations are available these days from most online stores, including here at the Frockery, and are a good choice for those who can't think of the right present and don't want to buy the wrong one! They are always popular with last minute shoppers who have missed the last posting dates, as they can be sent by email directly to the buyer or to the intended recipient in good time for Christmas. Vouchers will be especially useful this year as the weather has frustrated present purchasing plans for so many people.

So be prepared and weather proof your present list!

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