We'll take Manhattan (and St Andrews)

We'll Take Manhattan

So who else watched We'll Take Manhattan? We enjoyed it so much we watched it twice!

Young Jean Shrimpton, muse of photographer David Bailey, was to take the fashion world by storm after a boundary-pushing New York photo shoot for Vogue magazine in 1962, becoming the world's first supermodel and an enduring style icon. In the BBC4 dramatisation, Karen Gillan and Aneurin Barnard played their respective roles to perfection as they transported us back to the beginning of an era in which the times were about to change seismically.

Last week, in a similar vein, we decided we would 'take' St Andrews, where talented make up artist Sandra Cormack and photographer Gillian Gamble managed to capture a certain 'Shrimp' spirit in Camilla, one of the models we styled for a Dollyfrockers vintage shoot in advance of the upcoming St Andrews Vintage Fashion Fair. Her coat was strikingly similar to the one pictured above, don't you think? We should of course have remembered the teddy bear!

Dollyfrockers 60s

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