We're back!

We are back from our whistlestop visit to London Town and raring to go (well, sort of...) All pending orders will be going out on Monday and we thank customers for their patience during our short but sweet absence from the frock face.

It was a veritable joy to revisit Portobello Road market with its tempting array of vintage. Needless to say we managed to pick up a few pieces of interest, but bravely resisted the temptation to add too much more to our personal collection. Just a few frocks and this wee pair of D&G shoes (completely justifiable, as we're sure you'll agree).

Dolce and Gabanna shoes

It was also lovely to catch up with Eddie and the Hot Rods who performed a stonking set at the Half Moon in Putney on Friday night. (Almost as good as shoes, in fact, and much cheaper.) One of our favourite bands, these vintage rockers just get better and better with age. So thank you, Barrie and Richard especially, for making some old frockers very happy!

[Do forgive the focus 'cos we had been drinking (moderately)]

barrie masters

Barrie Masters

richard holgarth

Richard Holgarth

Gratuitous picture of awesome drummer with tattoos...(it's our age).

simon bowley

 Simon Bowley