Where's photoshop when you need it?

Well, the chief frocker never ever thought she'd be sharing the media limelight with the stunning Emma Thompson in a newspaper article. Sadly, the Courier editor didn't see fit to photoshop our own very, very vintage frocker, but it was the talk of the virtual steamie and highlight of Hogmanay in these parts!

home education emma thompson

As some readers know, the chief frocker is renowned for wearing several different hats at the same time. As well as minding her own business, she has a long history of campaigning on issues around home education (often called "homeschooling"), both in Scotland and further afield. The minor frockers were educated by other means than schooling (or "otherwise" as it is called in England) and we have all enjoyed being part of a community in which there is no seam between learning and life. It is also a community where we share and re-use resources, and where second hand invariably becomes second nature.

Now that all three minors are grown up, graduated and carving out their own careers, it will soon be time for the chief frocker to retire from the home ed front line and focus on other things. More time at the frock face will certainly be welcome as our wee business looks forward to celebrating its ninth birthday in April. We also have a few other exciting plans in the pipeline - not altogether unconnected with education, and not least of all perfecting that all important photopshopping technique as we enter the year of the chief frocker's free bus pass!