Share your sustainable ‘lockdown looks’

It has been quite a year since the last Frockey eco-fashion challenge and we are all learning to live with restrictions to everyday life as well as new ways or working, educating and socialising.

Zoom, Teams, Skype and social media have replaced meetings, conferences, networking and even schooling in real life. Meanwhile, the online business model has, of necessity, expanded to fill the vacuum.

As we wrote early in the first lockdown, it is vital to get behind small, local, independent businesses to help them afloat, as opposed to adding the profits of multinational corporations that were already well on the way to erasing the rest of us.

Having always been an online micro-business, the Frockery has perhaps experienced fewer challenges than high street (and side street) retailers who were forced to close their doors and, in some cases, lay off staff. Sadly, in all likelihood, many will never re-open. 

In our case, we have been able to keep trading throughout the Covid crisis  and have even managed to better organise the stock room! We also took the opportunity to upgrade our website last summer in order to streamline operations, which was a necessity due to losing our in-house techie frocker to a more lucrative career opportunity.

As the end of Dry January approaches, we have decided to host a slimmed down eco-fashion challenge to help lift our spirits for what promises to be a frosty February 2021. Rather than an organised online event (of which we have frankly had our fill this past year), we are inviting customers, followers and friends to share snapshots of their sustainable ‘lockdown looks’.

Whether it’s a Zoom meeting with colleagues, home educating the children, heading out for essential activities, or even dressing up for dinner, we want to see how you vaunt the vintage, rock the retro and celebrate the second-hand to help beat both the Covid and winter blues. 

More details here.

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